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Together with the automation company Autexis and the Technical College of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Chocolat Frey has developed a solution that allows customers to put together an individually assorted package of their favorite chocolates. This was reported by the online magazine “Elektrotechnik" . Customers send their orders to the company via Twitter, the order flows into the production program, a robot picks the chocolate mixes and prepares the packages for shipping.

Automation specialist Autexis deployed the Mindsphere cloud ecosystem from Siemens, and plans to equip the demonstration plant with a digital twin. It first has to learn from the real world and can subsequently be used to digitally simulate new production systems and remedy possible errors even before the start of actual production.

Customization plays a decisive role in the industrial production of the future. According to the German Industry 4.0 Index, one in two companies should be able to produce products of batch size 1 at the cost of mass production in only a few years from now.