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The companies surveyed have, according to their own assessment, made the greatest progress in terms of efficiency, securing their own market position as well as customer shopping and service experience. These are the findings of the annual study IT-Trends conducted by the consulting firm Capgemini. Managers nevertheless see a need to catch up when it comes to developing new business fields as well as in their own industry or beyond it. The study also shows that companies are experiencing a surge in the use of intelligent technologies. While 70% of the surveyed companies already use them, one in five study participants even certified that their company makes "intensive" use of technologies such as machine learning, image recognition or natural language processing.

It was not until the end of 2018 that the German government adopted its "Artificial Intelligence Strategy". The main goal of this strategy is to make Germany and Europe a global leader in the development and use of AI technologies. The government plans to invest around 3 billion euros for this purpose.