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Daimler AG’s investment comes as part of Sila Nanotechnologies ’ latest financing round, which also saw investments from other participants, including investor 8VC and Siemens AG startup Next47 . With its stake, Daimler AG secures a place on Sila Nano’s Board of Directors. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Alameda, California, Sila Nano develops innovative battery materials for the e-mobility sector, and has already been collaborating with BMW since March 2018.

Sila Nano replaces conventional graphite electrodes with its patented composite materials, which offer high energy densities and cycle stability. The materials can be integrated in existing lithium-ion production facilities, facilitate efficient deployment in large-scale production, and enable the use of energy sources that open up new electrification options. Compared with conventional electric vehicle (EV) batteries, they promise higher performance, greater range, and faster charging.