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So far, no cars with automated driving functions have been approved in Germany, according to the response provided by the government following a request from left-wing groups. As it stands, technical requirements for the required ‘driving-mode data repository’ would first be processed at EU and international level. However, when it comes the data itself, the government maintains that the general data protection regulations, which are predominantly drawn from GDPR, will apply. The data protection authorities will inspect whether these are upheld in practice. Up to now, they have not done so because none of the corresponding vehicles have been approved.

Even if it is not necessarily the greatest concern of researchers in the field of autonomous driving: Data protection should not be neglected during development. On the one hand, this will promote acceptance of the technology. On the other, it will prevent hackers from gaining a foothold. In an article on the subject of experts and data protection agents, the German automobile association ADAC claimed that manufacturers have not done enough to combat cyberattacks.