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Altair, a global leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI), has announced that its Altair RapidMiner data analytics and AI platform is set to become even easier to integrate, more powerful and more user-friendly thanks to a series of new, ground-breaking enhancements.

User-friendly access to AI and data analytics

"The enhancements to the Altair RapidMiner AI platform create a new level of quality and strengthen its position as a comprehensive, end-to-end and unique solution in the field of data analytics and AI," says Sam Mahalingam, Chief Technology Officer at Altair. "Altair RapidMiner provides users of all educational backgrounds and business functions with powerful and easy-to-use access to AI and data analytics with a low- and no-code approach, making it a unique ecosystem for organizations across all industries to help them reduce friction and accelerate digital transformation."

New, modern tools for integrating LLMs into enterprise applications

The solutions embedded in the Altair RapidMiner ecosystem are now designed to enable generative AI applications that allow users to simplify their workflows and create customized application-oriented versions of large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT using their own data.

For example, global organizations will be able to create a version of ChatGPT that is precisely tailored to their nomenclature, product world, applications and customers. In addition, the Altair RapidMiner platform leverages ChatGPT's new API so that users can make further customizations without having to write a line of code. In addition, users can access all 300,000 Hugging Face models with a single click and fine-tune models with billions of parameters. Altair RapidMiner also utilizes LLMs to enhance the user experience: Users can simply specify the desired data transformations and the software automatically creates the appropriate workflow.

Enhanced development capabilities to make data science accessible to everyone

The comprehensive Altair RapidMiner AutoML toolset now supports automated clustering in addition to predictive modeling, feature engineering and time series forecasting. The intuitive, wizard-based user interface enables users new to machine learning to create ready-to-use models. The software significantly simplifies the deployment and handling of AutoML prediction models as REST API endpoints. With Altair RapidMiner's preconfigured settings, non-experts such as data analysts and data scientists can deploy and integrate machine learning models in seconds.

Tool for creating comprehensible decision trees

In addition, Altair RapidMiner now offers a wizard-based tool for creating unique, patented and easy-to-understand decision trees. These allow users without a data science background to visualize and understand complex interactions within data sets. Users can automatically create trees, find the best splits, delete splits and save scoring workflows.

Optimized integration for SAS, Python and R programming languages

Altair RapidMiner also includes Altair SLC, an alternative SAS language environment, with a fully integrated development environment and low and no-code tools to support advanced analytics capabilities, high productivity and short development and deployment cycles. Altair SLC is designed to make it easier than ever for organizations to move to a flexible, modern analytics platform with minimal impact on operations. The improved Python API allows users to test and run SAS language code within their Python development environment.

New development paradigm for Python developers

Altair RapidMiner creates a new development paradigm for Python developers in the Altair AI Cloud with new workspace capabilities. Interactive code development in the workspaces allows developers to use a standard IDE to develop ready-to-use Python code based on centrally managed, existing Python environments. To run their code, users can easily specify and spin up compute resources according to their needs, including the selection of GPU hardware for complex modeling tasks such as image processing, LLM or similar functions.

New, powerful tools for visualizing inventory and real-time data

Altair Panopticon, the comprehensive data visualization and streaming analytics solution within the Altair RapidMiner platform, offers a new generation of visualization elements, layout templates and tools, and style settings that make creating, publishing, and using dashboards more intuitive than ever with a streamlined user interface. With these improvements, application developers can spend less time on setup and more time creating and delivering engaging, easy-to-understand dashboards.

Gain new insights

In addition, analysts can better assess large, complex and rapidly changing data sets, detect outliers and anomalies and quickly gain new insights from their data. Panopticon uses in-memory caching to display data directly without caching - including cloud data, file data, big data and streaming data. By using in-memory data blending to merge and combine data from different sources, Panopticon enables users to visualize more data points than ever before. Thanks to data governance capabilities, users can access the same dashboard, but with individualized data content. Users can also seamlessly switch to and from other browser-based systems in the tool.

Continued investment in patented data extraction and preparation

With the addition of Altair Monarch, Altair RapidMiner will continue its more than 30-year track record of success in data extraction and preparation. Users will benefit from increased performance and security, including direct read/write support for Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, Oracle Cloud Storage and Azure Active Directory. With its advanced PDF-to-Excel functionality and the ability to extract core banking system and accounting reports, Monarch continues to lead the market.