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Hamburg-based Deutsche Auftragsagentur (DAA) , which operates specialist portals relating to house building and renovation, has reported above-average demand for photovoltaics and home-storage units during the first few months of the year, according to the industry’s pv magazine . Customer interest normally drops during the first months of the year, as Robert Doelling of the DAA explains. In contrast, this year’s corresponding index value has consistently risen above 120 since January, and reached peak levels of 130 and 123 points in March and April, respectively. Business is currently going extremely well for “ solar technologists ,” as these professionals have become known.

The same applies to home-storage unit growth. In February, the DAA recorded an index value of 143 in this segment; March and April saw similar record scores of 124 each. As early as mid-May, the German Solar Association (BSW) reported an all-time high for business in the lead-up to the Smarter E Europe conference on solar power.