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"Shaping the world of cybertronic motion" - Under this guiding principle, WITTENSTEIN is transforming the functionality of selected mechatronic products and systems - with integrated electronics, sensors and firmware - into cybertronic products and systems that can also communicate and network with each other. WITTENSTEIN's Smart Services, such as the smart Anomaly Check function, are designed to further expand their solution space by enabling simple analysis and processing of machine data.

Digitalisation creates added value

WITTENSTEIN gearheads with cynapse functionality already independently record operating data from machines and plants and communicate this data on the IIoT. The Smart Services that have now been added expand the scope of this feature. The basic functions include data processing, visualisation and analysis. The core know-how that WITTENSTEIN has built up in over 40 years of developing low-backlash planetary gearheads is used together with operating data to calculate and display the state of the gearhead in Smart Services. According to the manufacturer, the decisive factor in the end is the added value that the customer gains through the use of cynapse and the Smart Services. Through condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, deviations are detected at an early stage and failures are avoided.

"accuracy line" and "robustness line" expand and structure the Galaxy portfolio

The kinematics, bearings, transmission ratios and even larger hollow shaft diameters of the new "accuracy line" series within the Galaxy gearboxes have been specially designed to meet the requirements of high-precision applications. The series also includes miniaturised gearbox variants whose dimensions are compatible with those of shaft gearboxes. The series is available in a total of five sizes and designed for maximum torques between 150 and 6,000 Newton metres.

Better overload capacity and more robust bearings

Together with the market launch of the Galaxie accuracy line, the proven variants of the Galaxie gearbox are also combined in the "Galaxie robustness line" series. With the same values for nominal torque, outer diameter and torsional stiffness, they are designed for applications with higher mechanical requirements due to their better overload capacity and more robust bearings. Both product lines are available in several product variants - flange, hollow shaft and right angle gearboxes as well as compact servo actuators. The DNA of all Galaxie gearheads is identical: with their zero backlash, maximum torsional rigidity, high torque density, particularly smooth running and large hollow shaft, they are intended to set the standard in the precision gearhead market.