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Logistics contractor DHL Supply Chain, a subsidiary of the Deutsche Post DHL Group, wants to become one of the first clients in the world to work with the second generation of smart glasses, Google Glass Enterprise Edition . The company has already been using first-generation Google Glass in its warehouses since 2015. Following test runs in the United States and Europe, DHL Supply Chain has continually expanded its use of the glasses in recent years; by this point, it has been working with virtually enhanced picking (“vision picking”) all over the world. Google Glass makes it possible to view an augmented reality, which makes the picking process in warehouse operation more efficient, according to the company. DHL Express has also started using smart glasses at its cargo hubs in Brussels and at Los Angeles International Airport. Additional planned locations include airports in New York, Cincinnati and Chicago.

Although the version of Google Glass for private users was not successful on the market, the Enterprise Edition has been extremely popular with corporate clients. According to Google, the improvements that have been added to the second generation, released this past May, include a longer battery life, double the processing speed and a shorter charging time. The devices are also supposedly much hardier than their predecessors.