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With a steam capacity of 30 t per hour, the boiler system uses various actuators and sensors whose data is automatically processed by the MEC Optimize analysis software from Bosch, which is integrated directly into the boiler control cabinet. Monitoring ranges from the steam boiler to water preparation and recovery for all system components. All the gathered data is stored by the software and examined in the form of long-term trend analyses. For example, if heavy contamination in the boiler results in an increased fuel consumption, a warning is issued on the computer of the responsible boiler operator at Bechtel . With MEC Remote , a notification can be sent to smartphones or tablets.

But the program also issues a warning when the operating mode or quality of the water used could shorten the service life of the boiler. Based on specific plant use, an estimated value for the expected remaining lifetime of individual components is determined so that individual parts can be replaced as needed before a system failure and production downtime can occur.