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Over the years, JUMO has established itself as a leading manufacturer of industrial sensor and automation technology. The international company's product portfolio encompasses components and system solutions for measuring, controlling, registering, analyzing and monitoring physical and chemical parameters. Its range includes everything from sensors for temperature, pressure and analysis measuring technology to turnkey automation solutions that are used worldwide across various sectors of the capital goods industry. When it comes to industrial temperature sensors for heat meters, JUMO has been at the forefront of the international market for years. However, new innovative developments from the company are said to have catapulted it even further into the lead.

One stand-out example is the JUMO dicoTEMP 100, a smart fitting that can be used to implement diverse temperature measurement with a thermostat or dial thermometer and a platinum chip temperature sensor - at just one measuring point. According to the manufacturer, the dicoTEMP 100 combines the strengths of several JUMO devices. What this means for users is they can leave devices that are already integrated into their process where they are and extend them by adding the functionality of electrical temperature measurement at the same measuring point. The option of combining a platinum chip temperature sensor with a thermostat or dial thermometer in one fitting is said to considerably reduce planning and installation outlay. The dicoTEMP 100 is made of stainless steel and is available for screwing into place and for insertion into a smooth tube. When it comes to insertion length, customers can choose from variants ranging from 65 to 300 millimeters. The measurement range of the JUMO dicoTEMP 100, meanwhile, is between -40 and +260 degrees Celsius. An industry-standard M12 connection is used to transmit the resistance signal, and a cable transducer can transmit additional output signals on an analog (4 to 20 mA) or digital (IO link) basis. Further flexibility is provided by the use of different device types, platinum sensors, and probe and immersion sleeve diameters. What's more, thanks to its plug-and-play functionality, the JUMO dicoTEMP 100 is said to be ideal for retrofitting to existing systems such as transformers, compressors and hydraulic units.

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