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In 2013, Ryan Peterson founded the platform Flexport , the first business model of its kind for 100% technology-based digital freight forwarding. Now the cloud-based SaaS solution is being relaunched as Flexport 2.0, featuring a number of improvements. The company stated that it had primarily been working on end-to-end transparency for the supply chain. New filter functions should help improve the workflow. It should also be possible to track shipments 30 to 40% faster, to find information more easily, and to better prioritize tasks.

According to Flexport, improved cooperation with suppliers means that the current status of supply chains can now be seen at any time, and suppliers can create their freight documents around 60% faster than in the traditional way. On the new and improved platform, time-critical shipments can be prioritized. This will enable managers, partners, and the Flexport team to better track and monitor shipments.