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A survey conducted by the Institute of Management Studies (IMS) at Goldsmiths, University of London suggests that the use of machine learning algorithms and RPA technologies for process automation benefits all concerned: The study found that the augmented human enterprise approach increases performance in companies by 26% and cites the clearly greater commitment of employees as a key side benefit. Of the 400 decision-makers surveyed from large enterprises with 1,000+ employees, 70% stated that staff are happier, and notably freed from highly repetitive tasks.

And it is this last point that the study believes to be the cause for the increase in productivity: Employees are free to concentrate on more challenging tasks and can better meet their full potential. The survey states that financial returns, innovation, and the corporate culture benefit in particular from this. Simultaneous investment in new technologies and staff training, however, is crucial. A survey conducted by International Data Group (IDG) confirms this . It found that while around 46% of companies currently have a suitable infrastructure for implementing AI-based applications, just 24% also have the necessary technical staff for this.