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“From our point of view, the factory of the future is highly transformable. Only the walls, floor and ceiling will have their fixed place – everything else will be mobile. Assembly lines are modular and machines can reform into new lines as needed. Everything is wirelessly connected and communicates via 5G. Power is supplied by an inductive charging system via the floor,” explained Thomas Fechner, head of the Automation & Electrification Solutions business unit at Bosch Rexroth.

Such a vision is based on consistent research and development work. This is why Bosch Rexroth is also involved in overarching centers of excellence and is a member of SEF Smart Electronic Factory e.V. This is an Industry 4.0 initiative of research institutions and well-known companies that want to jointly pave the way to digitalization for industrial SMEs.

“Digitalization will continue to significantly change the world of production. Bosch Rexroth and all the other members of our Industrie 4.0 association have made it their mission to support companies with solutions that do not require additional digitalization expertise, but instead ease the burden and remove hurdles. It is no longer a question of whether Industry 4.0 is implemented, but how. And we want to make a valuable contribution in this regard,” explains Maria Christina Bienek, managing director of SEF Smart Electronic Factory e.V.