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The survey participants were selected from all sectors and come from the energy and water supply, automotive and other manufacturing industries, among others. Although 46% of them have already developed digital business models, 69% rate their company as no more than “satisfactory” in terms of preparing for the digital transformation. A common mistake, according to the analysis, is to concentrate too much on improving analog processes through digital ones. Completely new channels and processes should be considered instead. According to the analysis, structural changes are also required: 59% of respondents considered the persistence of silos due to non-integrated software and data to be one of the greatest obstacles to digital transformation.

Dell Technologies also recently stated that companies are not making any progress with the digital transformation. The five biggest obstacles cited by the German companies surveyed were data protection and cybersecurity, regulatory and legal changes, a lack of digital culture in companies, inadequate budgets and resources, and information overload.