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c-Com GmbH , a subsidiary of tool manufacturer MAPAL , has unveiled a new solution that facilitates the digitization of tool regrinding handling . A largely automated flow of data between customer and regrinder aims to make the process faster, more cost-effective, and less prone to errors. While up until now the regrinder had to find the information about the tools sent in on a not particularly clear delivery note and then measure the tools or inspect them for damage before preparing the order confirmation or invoice, the procedure for receiving goods at the service provider should now be more efficient. The solution provider claims the software generates time-savings of up to 75%.

To record the relevant data, the c-Com software uses delivery notes that can be scanned using a smartphone or tablet, networked measuring devices, and tools personalized with QR codes: The measuring device transfers the data collected directly to the software, which compares this data with the defined minimums for the tool to be reground and the history of previous regrindings. By processing all data at once, the software indicates whether further regrinding is possible and automates the collection of all the data required for the order confirmation and invoice.

A similar approach is being pursued by presetting and measuring machine manufacturer ZOLLER, albeit with the addition of the production of a high-resolution digital twin for the tool inspection, which makes even fine hairline cracks visible in metal structures.