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Large German companies and research institutes have been developing the DIN SPEC 92222 (Reference Model for the Industrial Cloud Federation) since March 9th under the direction of the DIN Institute . Microsoft, GE, Fraunhofer Institutes, and the VDMA are involved, but industrial companies such as KUKA, Schaeffler or Robert Bosch, as well as the engineering expert Assystem are also development partners. The new standard is intended to provide a uniform framework for the fast-paced innovations of Industry 4.0. The main focus is on the standardization of communication between machines or shop floor-related edge components and the central IT infrastructure. In addition, connection to cloud systems is to be regulated as part of the DIN standard as well, i.e., the “interoperability and communication between participating IT subsystems and physical devices” overall as formulated by the current German Standardization Roadmap Industry 4.0 (v3).

The standard to be developed is aimed primarily at Industry 4.0 machine manufacturers and operators. The procedure relies on small, agile work groups with workshops and specific applications. The consortium is therefore expecting first results very soon and is intending to complete the project by the end of 2018.