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The so-called Packwise Smart Cap is designed to be able to measure and track the location, fill level, temperature, and movements of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) over the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). These containers are for liquid and free-flowing materials, which are used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, among other areas. Series production of the Packwise Smart Cap, which has now been announced, has been made possible by fresh capital: following the second round of finance, one million euros was made available to the young company for further expansion. The target audience includes companies that “want to exploit the opportunities of digital industrial packaging to the full,” Packwise went on to say. The plug-and-play device is currently still being tested in pilot projects.

In Hamburg , too, work is being carried out on new solutions for container logistics. As reported by the startup xChange , one in three containers in motion is currently empty. The founders are working on intelligent matching algorithms, which can help to reduce such empty journeys to a minimum.