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The new technology can be used to locate drones via the mobile communications network. A UAS traffic management system (UTM) can process the position data and display it along with the manned aviation location data. The technology also enables other functions such as mission planning and automated take-off/climb-out permission. A special modem with an integrated SIM card is required to use the system. It sends the drone’s data as well as its identification to the UTM. Additional information such as image data can also be transmitted in real time via the mobile communications network. According to the manufacturer, target groups include commercial drone pilots from the infrastructure, surveying, agriculture and general aviation sectors.

Droniq could be another step toward the breakthrough of commercial drones: according to a study conducted by the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI), only 19,000 drones have been deployed to date. According to the survey, Germany is currently the fourth largest commercial drone market after the USA, China and France.