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The EDAG Engineering Group is an engineering service provider for vehicle development and prototype construction. The company describes its new EDAG CityBot as “a multifunctional, fully autonomous robot vehicle with swarm intelligence, which is powered by an emission-free fuel cell drive”. Thanks to its add-on modules, it can be configured, according to requirements, as a passenger cell, cargo carrier, or city cleaning device. In conjunction with the platform technology for the Internet of Things (IoT), the EDAG CityBot aims to also offer new business models – via the digital micro-payment solutions of EDAG partner IOTA , for example.

The concept is targeted at all mobility actors in the new ecosystem: OEMs, city architects and planners, infrastructure organizations, traffic, waste disposal, and transport companies, municipal facilities, and logistics companies. At IAA 2019 , the EDAG CityBot will be displayed with a passenger transporter module – just one example of a number of possible uses it can be put to in urban areas.