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The mobility industry is currently facing a profound transformation. In the search for sustainable drive solutions, hydrogen plays an important role in environmentally friendly transportation and makes an important contribution to achieving the 1.5 degree target. At HANNOVER MESSE 2024, the hydrogen specialists from Maximator Hydrogen will be presenting efficient technologies that will pave the way to a greener future.

For a customer-friendly refueling experience

According to Maximator Hydrogen, the MAX Dispenser 1.5 hydrogen dispenser makes refueling child's play. The large and smart multimedia display is equipped with a touch function, loudspeaker and microphone. Payment is also possible via the display. With step-by-step instructions, the dispenser guides users through the refueling process and thus offers a customer-friendly refueling experience, regardless of the driver's experience with hydrogen vehicles. A service hotline is also available for queries via a connection to a helpdesk.

Focus on safety-relevant aspects

When developing the dispenser, particular emphasis was placed on safety-related aspects. The design has been optimized so that the hose breakaway coupling is fully deployed in the event of unintentional driving away, which prevents damage to the system and the fueled vehicle. User interaction has been moved away from the road to the refueling island to increase personal safety. The innovative dispenser monitors parameters such as temperature, pressure and mass flow and transmits any faults to the helpdesk, which can respond immediately.

Compress hydrogen quickly and efficiently in a single step

The MAX Compression 2.0 is designed to deliver fast performance at the touch of a button. At the heart of Maximator Hydrogen's hydrogen filling stations, it compresses the hydrogen to the required 300 or 700 bar. Unlike other models, it does not require intermediate storage, but compresses the hydrogen quickly and efficiently in a single step. The patented ASX (Automatic Seal Exchange) automatically replaces the sealing rings, which are subject to high stress due to the high pressure required, within a few minutes, thus significantly reducing system downtimes. By increasing the hydraulic drive power to 250 kilowatts, the output of the H2 filling station can be increased by more than 25 percent. This means it can be individually adapted to the various needs of system operators.

The mobility of the future

In addition to the technologies, digitalization is an important accelerator for a sustainable transport transition with hydrogen as a drive system. With the Maximator Hydrogen Cloud, the Nordhausen-based hydrogen specialist offers system operators a comprehensive solution that enables remote access to the system and records important key figures such as the filling quantity and the vehicles refueled. The helpdesk, which can take over and coordinate service activities, is also connected via the cloud.