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The company Jedlix from Rotterdam, operator of a platform for intelligent charging concepts, and Next Kraftwerke , German operator of a virtual power plant, aim to use electric cars to offer system services for the power grid. In doing so, Jedlix wants to create a secondary reserve of electricity by leveraging a fleet of private electric cars and its smart charging solution. Next Kraftwerke plans to establish the connection to transmission service provider Tennet's network and market the power on the energy market.

For the project, the cars connect remotely to Next Kraftwerke's control system, from where the batteries can be monitored and controlled. Real-time data exchange allows Jedlix to receive set values from Next Kraftwerke and adjust the charging behavior of electric cars accordingly. The company can leverage the combination of user settings, vehicle data and charging station information to continuously provide forecasts regarding the power reserves. The car owners can call up information about their vehicle's current charging state via app and get a financial incentive to participate in the project.