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The analysis of tens of thousands of salaries from professionals and managers indicates that electrical engineers earn 53,500 euros gross per year, on average, while mechatronics engineers take home an average annual salary of 45,900 euros. Due to high demand, job platform Stepstone estimates that these salaries could continue to rise. The amount of remuneration is, however, dependent on other factors such as location. The report reveals differences of up to 20,000 euros for specialists in skilled manual and technical professions: in Bremen, they earn 54,500 euros on average, while Leipzig-based engineers bring in just 32,600 euros.

In a separate analysis, Stepstone had already taken a specific look at the automotive industry . The result: In many areas, employees can expect significantly higher wages than in other industries. The paychecks of purchasers and logistics managers for automakers are, on average, almost one third larger than those of their colleagues in other industries.