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The two companies already know one another from an interdisciplinary project team in the area of predictive maintenance. Through its holding in anacision, EMAG is hoping to develop smart functions for analyzing sensor-based machine and production data in order to make its own range of tool machines and production systems fit for Industry 4.0. The two companies now want to develop software solutions together. Following on from that, anacision is allowed under the agreement to apply the results to other industries and technologies. With Fingerprint, EMAG already has a program for evaluating the condition of a machine. It points out potential problems to the user by means of algorithm-based data analysis. Through the use of additional software and sensors, EMAG now intends to develop the program into a full-scale, automated predictive maintenance solution with the support of anacision.

There is still a significant need to catch up in the area of predictive maintenance in the German-speaking world: according to an analysis by the consultants BearingPoint, only one in four companies has carried out projects of this sort so far.