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In an annual career study conducted by the ManpowerGroup , the personnel service provider is for the first time examining to what extent German employees are planning to expand their own digital competence for 2018. Sobering: Only 10% of respondents say that they want to acquire key skills on their own initiative. Only 8% strive for general continuing education in addition to their occupation. Employees have a lot more attention on work-life balance issues. While only 7% aim for climbing higher on the career ladder in the coming year, 33% say that they want to see work loosening up in the future. This shows that responsibility for the training and education of one’s staff can only be achieved on the basis of company-internal initiatives.

The result of the study is surprising given that in a Bitkom survey , 77% of all participants stated that digital qualifications would be just as important at their workplace as their general professional and social skills. However, there is a lack of training opportunities offered by companies in many places. According to a survey by the EIM provider OpenText, 45% of employees believe their employers neglect their training obligations.