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In a recent survey conducted by the German Energy Agency (dena), 74% of companies in the German energy industry stated that they regard AI-based technologies as key for a successful energy transition. In addition to fundamentally improving energy efficiency, the companies surveyed believe AI applications will also bring smart possibilities for analyzing sensor and weather data in the field of renewable energies, to boost grid stability and supply reliability.

However, it is still early days: Just 13% of all companies surveyed are pursuing an AI strategy. Even fewer (7%) are already investing in the technology or plan to do so in the future (6%). Often, the necessary background know-how is simply lacking: Just 17% feel sufficiently informed about AI-related issues. To initiate concrete projects, the energy sector also requires additional IT specialists. Here, with the shortage of IT specialists becoming ever-more acute across all industries, the industry itself is called on to meet the demand with additional training opportunities.