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This is the result of a Roland Berger study . 83% of the more than 50 interviewed companies realize that something has to change. They assume that AI will play an important role in their future business. At the same time, 40% acknowledge that they have no use concept for the technology. Torsten Henzelmann, partner of Roland Berger, estimates that the use of artificial intelligence could increase efficiency by up to 20% over the next five years.

The consultants recommend a gradual introduction. Utility companies should first use prepared applications to optimize existing systems. Examples include predictive maintenance or automated energy trading systems from the platform economy. The funds saved could then be used by companies to develop new AI business models.

Consulting firm Sopra Steria came to a similar conclusion in 2017 as part of a potential analysis . The authors identified the biggest challenge to be the “not always mature technology” as well as difficulties in developing ideas to use AI beyond network management.