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With the new DTP series (P for Plug&Play), Yaskawa equips the entire HC Cobot series with an adapter flange, which has become a quasi-standard in the cobot world to mechanically connect peripherals such as grippers to the robot. Motoman robots from Yaskawa have the advantage that the media routing (Ethernet, I/O and compressed air) is routed in the robot arm. Each cobot model now has convenient wrist-mounted control buttons that make it easier to teach the robot via hand-guidance because you don't always have to confirm every position on the robot's hand-held control panel.

In parallel, Yaskawa is launching its own "ecosYstem" partner product program: a network of various peripheral products and complete systems displayed online. In addition to Yaskawa's own products such as drives, linear axes or software packages, peripheral partners can also have their products listed. The main focus is on the Plug&Play packages, which are available as a package with complete mechanical, electrical and software integration and can be integrated immediately.