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In the Industry 4.0 environment, audit-proof archiving and, above all, the secure outsourcing of data play an important role – and, last but not least, data protection requirements must be met. As a manufacturer of storage systems, for its product porfolio EUROstor relies heavily on server-based systems that act as flexible storage servers. Thanks to its partnership with FAST LTA , the company based in Filderstadt, Baden-Wuerttemberg, is adding to its backup product range the so-called silent bricks of the Munich-based specialist for secondary and long-term storage systems.

Sets of 12 2.5" disks or SSDs in modules are combined redundantly for FAST LTA's bricks. The individual bricks are managed by a rackmount controller with five slots, which can be extended by further shelves each with 14 slots. EUROstor Managing Director Franz Bochtler believes FAST LTA's products offer his customers "great potential to round out their storage concepts, especially in terms of secure data archiving."