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When you think of mobile robots that make work easier for humans, you almost automatically think of clinically clean industrial scenarios in air-conditioned showcase workshops. Okay, that's where they're mostly at home - but hard physical work is also waiting to be done somewhere else. Especially since there are fewer and fewer people who are willing to work their backs off for often meager wages. At Robotnik from Paterna in Spain, a company founded in 2002 that develops, manufactures and sells mobile robots and manipulators, this realization has long been accepted. Robotnik's portfolio includes a colorful collection of mobile helpers that venture off the beaten robot path. Among them is the BACCHUS, an intelligent mobile robot system that will demonstrate to visitors at HANNOVER MESSE 2022 what harvest helpers at vineyards could look like in the future.

With the BACCHUS, Robotnik aims on the one hand to reproduce the classic harvesting process by humans, but in addition to this, to have other manual tasks carried out by implementing the following four specifications: First, performing robotic navigation with quality guarantee to inspect the plants and collect data from the agricultural field through an embedded sensory system. Second, performing "two-handed" harvesting operations with the required finesse using a modular robotic platform. Third, the use of additive manufacturing to adapt gripper arms to the geometry of different crops. Fourth, the development of advanced cognitive capabilities and decision making.