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The number of publicly accessible charging stations for electric vehicles in Germany rose from around 12,700 to about 16,100 in 2018. The data comes from the BDEW, which enters public and semi-public charging points in a charging station register . The Federal Network Agency has prepared a further Germany-wide charging station map . This means that sufficient charging stations are available for the 150,000 or so cars with electric or plug-in drives registered by the end of 2018: the EU Commission recommends at least one charging point for every ten e-cars.

While Bavaria (3,618), North Rhine-Westphalia (2,739) and Baden-Württemberg (2,525) have the most publicly accessible charging points, Hamburg leads in terms of population with 461 charging points per 1 million inhabitants ahead of Bavaria (280) and Baden-Württemberg (231). The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy will provide a total of 176 million euros to further expand the charging infrastructure by 2020. The objective is to motivate companies to set up charging facilities for company and employee vehicles.