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The StreetScooter is one of the most promising electric vehicles in Germany - and it comes from Deutsche Post or from its in-house parcel delivery agent DHL, which has been using the e-mobile for some time now. However, it cannot do entirely without car manufacturers: the new StreetScooter Work XL, which offers space for 200 packages, is also being built by Ford in Cologne. Based on the chassis of the Ford Transit, the battery-electric powertrain and the bodywork is done according to specifications from Streetscooter, a Deutsche Post subsidiary. According to Ford, the e-van may also be driven with a B driver's license in Germany. The first Work XL models will go to Deutsche Post DHL. The largest StreetScooter to date will later also be sold to other customers. Ford can build up to 3,500 units a year.

In five selected hardware stores from the Toom chain, customers can look forward to get behind the wheel of a StreetScooter as of December 2018: Bosch is launching a sharing service at Toom stores in Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Troisdorf and Freiburg. It enables customers to take heavy and unwieldy purchases home with the e-mobile. The choice of model is no coincidence: Bosch supplies the drive components for the StreetScooter. If the offer is accepted, the service could be extended to all 330 Toom hardware stores as well as furniture stores, supermarkets and electrical goods stores.