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Optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH – a specialist in intelligent image processing that combines database management and camera technology - has invested a quarter-century’s worth of experience in dealing with customer-specific demands into its standard solution, Smart Klaus. The multi-award-winning camera-based assistance system for industrial production provides staff with digital support, helping them increase quality and productivity. Smart Klaus is designed to speed up the workflows of industrial companies and make them more cost-effective, while also freeing up staff.

Visitors to HANNOVER MESSE 2019 can see how Smart Klaus instructs employees, guides them through their tasks and safeguards quality standards at every stage. The system checks, confirms, motivates and documents like an experienced staff member so that its co-workers can be more relaxed, happier and more efficient in their work. Optimum's developers are at the leading trade show "Digital Factory" to provide detailed information about the technology behind Smart Klaus, its potential applications and how it can be put to use. Their exhibits focus on optical identification, assistance systems for final checks and camera-based assembly assistance systems. Moreover, Smart Klaus is set to get even smarter in 2019 and expand its range of applications with deep learning. A much more complex routine based on artificial intelligence will be used in the future for products that are particularly challenging. This will allow Smart Klaus to recognize cables, materials and coverings with ease, which could make it very appealing to the automotive industry especially.

However, according to Optimum, companies that are currently using Smart Klaus are already benefitting from increased quality and productivity. After all, they can meet their customers' needs faster, more efficiently and with more reliability, while complaints, troubleshooting and rectifications are a thing of the past. "Our system is being used in many production lines around the world - and proving successful in every respect," says Wolfgang Mahanty, Managing Director of Optimum GmbH. "Many major companies have already been won over by the potential and opportunities it has to offer." A prime example for this is the electronics manufacturer ZIEHL-ABEGG SE. "The system is very user-friendly and easy to program," explains Stefan Weiss, shift foreman and programmer at ZIEHL-ABEGG, who has identified three key benefits of working with Smart Klaus - the drastic reduction in induction training time, considerably higher assembly quality and significantly lower error rates. In fact, errors are reduced to virtually zero during assembly because, when a component with the wrong polarity is used or something is installed in the wrong position, Klaus is quick to notify his colleagues.