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WITTENSTEIN, a proven expert in mechatronic drive technology, will be exhibiting at HANNOVER MESSE 2023 under the motto "Shaping the world of cybertronic motion". The new miniaturised Galaxie gearbox with axial operating principle and the servo drive system cyber iTAS system 2 with smart safety architecture for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) will be among the exhibits to show what this means. Other trade fair highlights include the industrial implementation of the digital twin and smart products and services with which the WITTENSTEIN Group intends to continue to play a key role in shaping and developing the world of cybertronic movement and digital transformation in the future.

A brief review

Just as it has done for the past four decades: Exactly 40 years ago, WITTENSTEIN presented the world's first low-backlash planetary gearhead at what was then HANNOVER MESSE. At the same time, this marked the birth of today's WITTENSTEIN alpha GmbH - still one of the world's leading suppliers of precision gearheads. Another special milestone in drive technology innovations over the past 40 years was the Galaxie drive system in 2015, which subsequently not only won prestigious awards but also won over users in high-performance mechanical engineering. In addition, it was recognised in science as an independent gearbox category.

Galaxy in miniature - with axial operating principle and unrivalled performance

In 2023, the miniaturised Galaxie gearhead from WITTENSTEIN will be making its debut at HANNOVER MESSE. With its small sizes and high transmission ratio, this highly rigid precision gearhead is an installation-compatible and technologically and technically superior alternative to shaft gearheads, such as those used in medical and precision robotics. A comparison of the technical data proves this: 40 percent higher compactness and torque density, torsional stiffness improved by a factor of three, an emergency stop torque twice as high, absolute zero backlash over the entire service life and a hollow shaft almost 50 percent larger mean a new performance dimension in the market-compatible gearbox sizes of 90 millimetres and 110 millimetres. Together with the servo motors from WITTENSTEIN cyber motor's cyber kit line, the miniaturised Galaxie gearhead also forms a perfect motor-gearhead combination - whereby hollow shaft motors from other manufacturers can also be integrated in principle.

cyber iTAS system 2: new servo drive system for AGVs, AMR & Co.

With the cyber iTAS system 2, WITTENSTEIN cyber motor is also presenting a completely redesigned, compact servo drive system for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and other mobile platforms. According to WITTENSTEIN, the drive system for differential drives impresses with a consistently industry-oriented design that is intended to significantly and sustainably simplify the development, design and construction as well as operation and servicing of vehicles. The cyber iTAS system 2 consists of a safety-certified servo controller and a heavy-duty wheel actuator just 180 millimetres high. The safety architecture of the drive system has also been rethought - it is particularly slim in design and is intended to ensure a very high level of ease of integration.

Future-proof mobile platforms

The performance and safety features of the drive system are said to be ideally suited for AGVs and AMRs in classic as well as collaborative work scenarios in production, assembly, warehouse and intralogistics. As a result, vehicle manufacturers are already able to build AGVs, AMRs and other mobile platforms today that also ideally meet the requirements of the factory of the future.

Digital twin and smart products and services

The digital twin is currently on everyone's lips. At HANNOVER MESSE 2023, WITTENSTEIN will be demonstrating how it links the life and usage cycles of products and how it benefits machine builders and users, as well as other smart innovations and digital services based on them, such as gearheads with cynapse functionality that generate usage data, keep statistics on possible causes of failure or provide service information.