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This year, Winnti attacks caused a headache to several DAX companies, among others. Winnti is not only the name of the malware, but also a group of hackers – suspected of being controlled from China – who, according to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, were already launching attacks against the German economy in 2016 – and are likely to continue. That is why the Office for the Protection of the Constitution states it is even more important for companies to familiarise themselves with the detection regulations and technical indicators to determine any possible infections. If any are suspected, the Federal Office offers additional background information on request.

Unfortunately, Winnti will not be the only threat in 2020. Security experts from G Data are forecasting new and increasingly complex patterns of attack. One example is the so-called “Living off the Land Attacks”: Here, standard Windows tools are combined with malware to execute an attack. SMEs are also being targeted more closely – with the goal of infiltrating larger companies. In smaller companies, the gateway is easier to overcome, since their IT security is proven time and time again to exhibit gaps. Not only that, but the experts from G Data also advise that one of the largest problems for cyber security is that many companies still employ unsafe methods when it comes to remote maintenance.