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They slumbered for thousands of years in the Earth with no one even knowing of their existence. Today they have become necessary elements in high-tech products such as smartphones, hybrid cars, wind turbines and magnets – rare earth elements, 17 metals whose extraction involves significant disadvantages: it is costly, pollutes the environment, creates radioactive waste and destroys entire landscapes. Because these metals are always found in combination with other ores and minerals, they cannot be simply removed from the ground like coal. So any development that enables a reduction in the need for rare earth elements is a good thing. TDK Europe is presenting innovative magnets developed with precisely this advantage at HANNOVER MESSE 2014.

The high performance TDK neodymium magnets made of NEOREC47HF are the first of their kind to be made entirely without the rare metal dysprosium. The magnets feature remenance of 1,390 mT and coercivity of 1,273 kA/m. Another highlight being presented is the FB9RF magnet material produced entirely without the use of lanthanum and cobalt. Magnets made of these new materials are suitable in particular for synchronous generators and motors in hybrid and electric vehicles and have further applications in drives for hard disks or servos for optical drives.

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