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Pretty much everyone will have seen on some documentary or other just how astoundingly fast automated processes can be. The question is, how on Earth can companies make sure everything is running as it should when the processes are so fast they’re a blur? Clearly, the human eye just can’t keep up. Fortunately, there are companies in Germany that lead the way when it comes to quality control and checking completeness. One of these is Waldkirch-based SICK AG, a technology and market leader for sensors that form the perfect basis for automation processes. At HANNOVER MESSE 2017, the company is showcasing a brand new product family from the Inspector range of vision sensors.

The new programmable InspectorP6xx camera family has been developed as a solution for particularly complex image processing tasks. The three members of the family differ in terms of evaluation speed and camera sensor resolution, but share an exceptional range of convenient functions such as targeting lasers and acoustic and optical feedback. An SD memory card is also included to make the devices even easier to set up and operate and enable simple on-the-fly analyses. Thanks to the new SICK AppSpace platform, SICK can offer system integrators and OEMs the freedom and flexibility to develop their own customized application software directly on the InspectorP6xx.