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Shortly before the 5G frequencies were auctioned off, the German Federal Network Agency set out the details of its list of appropriate security requirements. Telecommunications companies should expressly procure the equipment they require only from suppliers who “unequivocally comply with the national security provisions and provisions covering secure telecommunications and data protection.” For security-related network and system components, approval from the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) will also be required in future. The Federal Network Agency is planning to publish the new requirements in their final form in spring 2019.

In recent weeks, a debate has ignited around the Chinese equipment provider Huawei in particular. Critical voices are being heard especially in the USA, accusing Huawei of being too close to the Chinese government. The federal government is now also debating whether it is a good idea to have components made by a Chinese state company installed in such critical infrastructure. What effect the new security requirements will have on Huawei’s chances of getting a share of the planned network development with its products is not clear from the messages coming out of the Federal Network Agency.