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Machine manufacturer Felss Systems from Baden-Wuerttemberg and the digital transformation specialists from X-Integrate have developed a customized predictive analytics system for its production lines. It is expected to automatically monitor both product quality and the tools used for the manufacturing process in future. To do so, Integrate-X equips an edge gateway integrated into the production line with valuation software that operates using a prediction model based on IBM SPSS .

The program considers operational sensor data such as pressure, force and temperature values, compares them with existing data and predicts necessary tool changes and the quality of the manufactured components. A special feature is the indirect test, in which the program only checks parts that have a high probability (based on machine learning) of having a problem. According to the manufacturer, the advantages of the approach include predictability to an accuracy of seconds. Consistent modernization in the name of Industry 4.0 has a long tradition at Felss Systems: As early as 2017, the company won an award for the intelligent networking of machines.