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In a pilot test, Heliatek glued 120 HeliaSol elements, a special solar film, to a 230 m2 area of rough concrete on a Schneller Mühle grain silo in Donauwörth, Bavaria. Together with Lechwerken (LEW) , a regional utility company from Augsburg, Heliatek plans to test the still young technology in a long-term test . The film is expected to deliver an output of around 10 kWp and generate around 4,400 kWh of electricity per year. The results of the test should contribute to further product development.

Unlike conventional solar modules, the film can be applied to a wide variety of facade shapes and surfaces. Since there is no decline in output even at high temperatures, no ventilation distance to the substrate is required. The film can thus be glued directly to the facade. For the pilot test, the concrete facade was first treated with a special primer to strengthen the adhesion of the film adhesive.