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3D Scanner in High Demand

The Berlin-based startup botspot is only four years old and already a market leader for photogrammetric 3D-scanner technology. All kinds of customers – including car manufacturers, electricity firms, and healthcare organizations – are clamoring to get their hands on “OptaOne”.

So what does this 3D scanner have over its competitors? Unique tilt-and-zoom technology. Whether it’s as small as an apple or as big as a man, 64 photo sensors automatically align themselves to the object. The cameras then tilt to the required angle and zoom in. In this way, the scanner captures extremely high-resolution image data for the 3D printer in the blink of an eye.

A Hot Solution

Meanwhile, VEN-TEC Solutions have come up with a mobile powder-coating system. Melted polymer particles are applied to a pre-heated surface, binding to form a thermoplastic polymer coating.

This process is suitable for a number of products, including battery compartments, concrete water tanks, industrial flooring, piping, and wind turbines.

A Live View of the Delivery Chain

Where’s that component right now? Is it the right temperature? Is it damaged? Monitoring the status of deliveries in real time allows companies to react to faults or delays straight away.

VIRTENIO offers a one-stop solution for monitoring – complete with sensor cube, GPRS gateway, and web analytics solutions.

B2B Buying Made Easy

Fabrikado brings digital communication to metal component manufacturing, simplifying the entire procurement process.

Companies upload their CAD drawing for a component to the online B2B platform. Fabrikado does the rest. It checks, in real time, which suppliers are available and which offer the best price for the desired delivery date. The customer receives the offer instantly – instead of having to spend time searching for the right supplier themselves.


Orokoko’s cooling unit works without harmful, poisonous, or flammable freezing agents. This is thanks to a rotary piston compressor that cools using air alone.

The robust machine is perfect for operators of switchboard air conditioners who are look for a low-maintenance, environmentally friendly cooling solution.

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