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What would HANNOVER MESSE be without robots! Hardly any other topic attracts as much media attention as the autonomous helpers, which come up with new features every year. And yet they always leave us with the feeling that there is still a lot more to come. The relatively young company Youibot Robotics from the Chinese technology hotspot Shenzen, which will be making its debut at the upcoming HANNOVER MESSE in April, has announced five premiere exhibits for this major event.

All signs point to expansion

Youibot Robotics describes itself as an innovative high-tech company whose core segment is research and development in the field of autonomous mobile robotics. The young company has already achieved numerous successes in the field of driverless transport vehicles (AGV) in various application scenarios with its own core algorithms. For the near future, the Chinese are making it their mission to provide a comprehensive product range and customised automation solutions for the entire industry, including smart manufacturing, inspection and maintenance. Already today, Youibot Robotics has more than 50 well-known national and international companies as customers. These include Hitachi, the Althea Group, COMAC, Michelin, Fast, ASM and DHL. The sales network now extends to more than 30 countries, including the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Spain.

The Queen would certainly be amused

Among the five premiere exhibits for HANNOVER MESSE 2023 already mentioned is the Corgi100, a particularly compact mobile robot specially designed to optimise internal logistics in confined and crowded environments. Although a clearance width of 660 millimetres is all it needs, it can be combined with more than ten different attachment modules to be used quite flexibly in factory production, internal logistics or safety inspection. Equipped with a multi-level safety system that meets diverse industrial requirements, the Corgi100 guarantees stable, safe and reliable operation over a long period of time. Thanks to the intelligent YOUIFLEET operating system developed in-house, which can control up to 100 robots simultaneously, the Corgi is said to be particularly easy to commission and operate. In "active service", it is also supported by its hybrid positioning and navigation technology based on laser SLAM, thanks to which it achieves a repeatable positioning accuracy of plus/minus five millimetres indoors. Finally, the excellent battery management system, according to the Chinese, enables automatic recharging, rapid battery replacement and thus possible continuous use around the clock, seven days a week.