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The small parts and tight spaces encountered in the production of smartphones, tablets, and all kinds of electronic devices have so far hampered further automation. However, Augsburg-based manufacturer KUKA now aims to change this with the LBR iisy – the recently unveiled little brother of the LBR iiwa .

The cobot is approximately 50 cm high, weighs just under 20 kg, and can bear loads of up to 3 kg with its six-axis-rotatable arm. Joint torque sensors integrated in all six axes respond to the slightest touch, to prevent damage. According to KUKA, the LBR iisy can be easily configured for even complex tasks via a powerful programming environment with graphical user interface, and can also be taught by manual guidance. The user can transfer the learned configurations to any number of other models. KUKA envisages the LBR iisy to be used for the insertion and tightening of screws or the precision placement of batteries and other components, for example.