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Modern technological developments are often so specifically tailored to the intended use that an obvious secondary use is often overlooked. What motivated the developers at Rainbow Robotics from South Korea - a company specializing in robotic platforms founded by researchers at the HUBO Lab (KAIST) - to think outside the box for a moment is not known. But the result of this second use of in-house technology can now be admired along with the actual exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE 2022.

Of course, it is no coincidence that the automatically tracking telescopic mounts of the RST series from Rainbow Robotics are reminiscent of the joints of modern robot arms. With them, the South Koreans succeed in creating the first parallactic mount that uses a shaft gear instead of a worm gear. This eliminates the need for counterweights, which were previously essential for astronomical observations. In general, the weight and volume of common drives have been reduced by more than 70 percent. Meanwhile, many astrophotographers are succeeding in taking great star photos thanks to the novel RST mount.