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The performance of a robot arm depends to a large extent on the contact flange, the "hand" of the robot that holds and controls the tools being used. Pressure sensitive tasks in particular, such as gluing, component testing, printing, filming or inserting, as well as surface treatments such as ironing, polishing, cleaning or laminating, require a particularly light touch. Austrian firm FerRobotics is coming to HANNOVER MESSE 2014 with the ACF XS active contact flange, a very compact solution for flexible small robot applications with a workspace of up to 1,000 mm.

The highly innovative ACF technology allows even the smallest member of the range to reliably accomplish automated tasks with high sensitivity requirements in very short cycles, even for tricky applications. Retooling or retrofitting is easy with the standardized connecting elements that fit any robot. The ACF XS is a closed-loop unit that autonomously smoothes out tolerances, precisely maintaining contact pressure even with changes in orientation, as the robot tracks remain constant. This all-rounder also reports the actual contact situation to the control system for ongoing quality control.

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