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5G offers high data rates at minimal latency times, made possible by major advances in wireless communications. No less important are the changes to the core network that make the setup of needs-specific and efficient network infrastructure possible in the first place. For 5G, this is achieved through a virtualized software-based core network.

Fraunhofer FOKUS ’ Open5GCore is a prototypical and licensable software for test environments. Through visualization, network features can be combined into a custom special network in a dynamic way – depending on the latency times, level of security and number of devices to be networked. Parallel virtual special networks are feasible in a physical network thanks to network slicing – examples include a downtime-proof network with low latencies for machine-to-machine communication in factories or a network with high bandwidth for augmented reality applications for staff. Thanks to the success of the interoperability test with the commercial Nokia AirScale base station, the Fraunhofer Institute will be able to offer one of the world’s first standard-based, manufacturer-independent 5G core networks.