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Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (IKTS) are planning to unveil their energy storage solution at the Energy Storage Europe conference, to be held in Dusseldorf from March 12-14, 2019. The solution showcased will be a ready-to-use 5 kWh battery, comprising 20 battery cells, with a world-leading capacity of 250 Wh. The battery’s operating temperature is 300°C; however, it does not require air conditioning. The overall efficiency is > 90%. The energy density of 130 Wh/kg and the charge and discharge rates of 0.25 up to a maximum of 0.75 C make the batteries ideally suited for stationary use.

Ceramic constituents are also ideal for use in batteries in electromobility applications. Scientists at the University of Michigan have developed such a high-performance battery , which also achieves twice the capacity of comparable lithium ion batteries. Moreover, since solid ceramic is used in place of a liquid, they cannot catch fire.