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FRED ” stands for “Solid Renewable Energy Sources Database” and is provided by the Technology and Production Center Bavaria ( TFZ ) and the Bavarian State Office for the Environment (LfU). Currently, the database already contains more than 1,500 records on biomass fuels. Their assessment is not easy according to the operators. This is due to strong fluctuations in the ingredients, but also in different conditions during growth and harvest. However, users of biomass want to be able to estimate fuel suitability quickly, without expensive analyzes, the experts continued.

That’s where FRED comes in. The basis of the database was already established in 1998 and continuously expanded since then. You can search combustion-related and emission-critical indicators of the most important biofuels in practice. A lot of information is available for each parameter such as the ash content and it can be output as an Excel or PDF file. The operators further emphasize that “a query and delimitation according to the four-digit fuel code of DIN EN ISO 17225-1 is possible.”

If you want to get deeper into the matter, you can find more information in the about 200-page guide “Solid Bio-Fuels” issued by the Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR). It is supposed to help especially in planning and operation as well as in terms of cost-effectiveness of bioenergy plants.