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Twice a year the experts meet to discuss current challenges in the industry. As the Bundesvereinigung Logistik (Federal Logistics Association (BVL)) reports , ten theses were formulated for 2019 at their most recent meeting. It is beyond doubt that freight space will become more expensive. This is the result not only of additional costs caused by a shortage of qualified employees, but also of the increase in prices for tolls and fuel. In addition, the sages say, IT is becoming an ever more important key resource. The old processes in transport management are no longer competitive. Small logistics service providers are at a disadvantage here because they find it more difficult to push forward with IT developments.

In general, the sages continue, the excessive strain on public infrastructures will lead to efficiency losses and there is a lack of intelligent traffic control. The experts forecast that many cities and companies will be working on new solutions based on greater cooperation between stakeholders. The sages expect growth to be around 1.7% in 2019.

The logistics industry itself is cautiously optimistic, as a survey by the consultancy company PwC in summer 2018 showed: 45% of CEOs in the industry believe that their company will grow in the coming year.