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A turbo compressor generally brings to mind the traditional exhaust gas turbochargers that have been used for generations in the automotive sector to improve performance. However, exhaust gas is not always present in every application where it makes sense to use an air compressor, or the requirements for the outgoing air might be very specific. In such situations, turbochargers with electric drives are an excellent alternative. Now from the nation that invented turbo compression comes a particularly impressive piece of engineering technology. Swiss firm Fischer Engineering Solutions is presenting its EMTC-150k Air at HANNOVER MESSE 2014.

The EMTC-150k Air can efficiently compress small mass flows. A shaft supported on air-bearings ensures that exiting air remains completely oil- and particle-free – which is particularly important in compressed air and vacuum engineering. Because the eTurbo’s drive and its minimal bearing friction can provide nearly zero-contact operation, the EMTC-150k Air is extremely low-wear. The result is a very compact, highly efficient and long-lasting turbo compressor with great potential for all mobile and stationary applications.

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