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“China is e-car world champion,” was the headline of Manager Magazine in January 2018. According to the industry institute CAM about 777,000 electric cars were sold there in 2017 alone. That was 53% more than in the previous year. Now a German vehicle is to be added. As BMW reported, the car manufacturer wants to produce battery-electric Minis in China. A letter of intent with Great Wall Motors has already been signed. The location would thus be an alternative to the parent plant Oxford, where e-minis will be rolling of the production line as well by 2019. In addition, details of a possible joint venture with the Chinese manufacturer are soon to be negotiated. An existing one with Brilliance Automotive will be further expanded.

VW also intensifies relations with the Far East. “We want to learn a lot from the Chinese,” Jörn Hasenfuss, VW Nutzfahrzeuge brand executive, reported to Hannoversche Allgemeine . Wirtschaftswoche reported that the construction of two commercial vehicles is planned. The goal is to offer the vehicles in China significantly cheaper than before and thus to boost sales. To this end, a joint venture for development and sales is to be established with JAC . First, two models of the two manufacturers will be optimized together. Manufacturing could start in 2020 or 2021.